About Us

With over 10 years of hands on experience making Log Cabins we have now decided to venture into the modern demand of online purchases, allowing our customers to enjoy the outdoors by using our simple online process to deliver high standard outdoor buildings. We combine old and new building techniques to ensure we do not lose our ancestry heritage.

For such reasons, we have developed and upgraded our log cabins to a highest level on lasting and use to fulfill customers. As a family run business we always learn, develop, apply a variety of new ways to improve our service to our customers.

We are the leading supplier of log cabins in England and offer a variety of different sizes and fits to suit the requirements and budgets of our customers.

Why Choose Us

As a family of carpenters with a passion for wood work, we have established many years of experience in high quality log cabin construction. During this time we began to enhance our knowledge and have discovered that this was difficult to find elsewhere for our customers.

To fulfill this need, our focus is not just with the product itself but also with how its built, a key process which is fundamental to the longevity of our log cabins, where honesty and trust are triggers of our services.