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Cabin Specifics

What is the lead time of your log buildings?

The time scale may vary throughout the year, but usually we aim to deliver within 6-8 weeks. Bespoke made cabins might take a bit longer to deliver, normally customer is advised of this when the order begins to be manufactured.

Is measurement on the website internal or external?

Measurements are External end to end. They do not count cabin corners or overhangs separately, please be advised to look at the specification of the cabins or contact us for more information.

Can I install heating into my cabin?

Yes you can. There is a few ways to do so, electronic heaters, oil heaters, air-con unit etc.

How durable are your roof tiles?

Our roof tiles come with a 10 years manufacturer guarantee. Our professional installers will ensure that they are fitted correctly to maximise their life.

Installation and Construction

Do I need planning permission?

All our cabins are within permitted development area, however there are some restrictions and some specifications that you need to be aware of, please visit our planning permission page to get more information.

Is construction and delivery included in the price?

Construction is an optional extra however the delivery is included in all of our prices as long as you live on the mainland.

The prices of the log cabins covers the VAT, the cabin, the roofing tiles, free delivery & free assembly.

How long would it take to build my log cabin?

Some of our cabins take 1 day to build but timescales are entirely dependent on the unload distance, ground and size of the cabin chosen. You will be advised upon your build time when the purchase is confirmed and we get you booked in.

Is there availability to check my garden for installation prior to buying and is it expensive?

Yes, there is an option to do so. Our site visit would be made by one of our engineers and it be free of charge if you decide to purchase with us, otherwise it may be chargeable.

During the visit there is availability to discuss all your options and choose from our variety of builds or even decide and create your very own build!

Do you supply any fundaments for the building?

Yes, it is an option that is called ‘timber leveling frame’. We use it due to it being more cost effective to customers and also it is more suitable to our timber buildings. It is made using a post and beam method.

Bespoke Options

Can I make my own building?

The answer would be yes. There is variety of options and support that we provide. Through our experience we are able to offer to you availability to have a build that suits all British building regulations and any other additional that would concern you.

Can I have different type of doors?

The variety of doors that we provide is never the end. You can use any doors if you are interested.

You can easily choose to have a French door, or any other, for further information please contact us to be advised.

Can I have a different roof height?

Yes, there are some cabins already that have an option of lowered roof.

However, not many cabins can be adjusted due to manufacturer recommendation of potential collapse or negative impact to the build.

Optional Extras

Do you do veranda or decking area?

Yes we do, there is an option on the web site to add a veranda of building width by one meter depth, however, different options are also available upon request.

Do you provide any other type of roof tiles?

The availability would be upon request.

What would suit best as flooring to my building?

Cabins includes floor boards already, if you thought of having it as an office we would recommend you select laminate flooring.

If you are thinking to have it more as a gym or children play room we would recommend soft surfaces, carpet or gym mats (one of our available options).

When I pay the deposit, when do I pay the remaining balance?

We aim to be as flexible as possible and the outstanding balance can be paid at any time prior to the agreed date of the delivery.

For bespoke cabins payment may be due sooner.

Read more in our Payment Options page

Does the log cabin price include VAT?

The prices of the log cabins covers the VAT, the cabin, the roofing tiles, free delivery & free assembly.